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Border's evening party

時間:2010-01-23 06:23:12  來源:  作者:

9f939022581ab0946b6004965742e667.jpgCKy福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

 CKy福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

3f05b1dd09e3d3741694b316d04d4764.jpgCKy福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

On December 30th, 2010, our school successfully held" the border's New Year's evening party". This party is regarded as multiple programs, high quality and high grade. It's highly praised and affirmed by all the teachers and the students. In the evening party, many excellent programs emerged as witty skits "story of student council" from accounting class 2 of Grade 09, student Liu Fang's song "three inches sunlight" from Business English class of Grade 08 and student Zhang CKy福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

Yuling's dancing "Gee" from Beauty Care class of Grade 09. The party also honored outstanding dormitories and boarders. Attendance at the party were principal Qiu Yan, secretary Shang Xiong, director of moral education office He Hongyu, deputy director Dong Le, Vice-Chairman of trade unions Lin Qiaoyun, as well as directors of each grade and all the class tutors. As the saying goes, "One minute on the stage, requires ten years of practice.; one person on the stage, requires 100 persons of preparation." The success of this party attribute to the solidarity and joint effort of our school staff and students. Our school leaders attach great importance to carrying out large-scale events, together with the recent implementation of quality education in a positive way, widely promote the second classroom activities, as well as careful preparation of each class, which is to lie a solid foundation for improving the quality of the party. The high quality of this party cannot be separated from the student's active participation. Several times of rehearsals correct the shortcomings, which greatly improved the quality of programming.CKy福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

 CKy福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

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