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Brief introduction of Fuzhou Commercial Vocational Middle School

時間:2010-02-10 10:51:06  來源:  作者:

Brief introduction of Fuzhou Commercial Vocational Middle SchoolbMA福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

     Fuzhou Commercial Vocational Middle School is a provincial state key school coming under Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Education. The school was honored as "civilization school in Fuzhou City " for three consecutive terms. In 2005, the school was honored as  "Civilization school in Fujian" by provincial govenment. In September, 2007, the school got the title as " advanced group of the education system in Fujian Province ". The school won a series of titles of honor as following: national practical skills advanced unit, advanced basic level of CPC branches in Fuzhou City, advanced units for democratic management, the advanced units for general teaching  management , Fuzhou advanced implementation of quality education in primary and secondary schools, safe campus, etc.. It is also the academic teaching and research head of the business schools in Fuzhou, Secretary-General of vocational education group of business unit formally established by the government.bMA福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

The school has an area of 14,748.9 square meters, among which the teaching building covers an area of 10,300 square meters, and a students’ dormitory apartment 1,777 square meters. There are advanced English-teaching classrooms, multimedia network classrooms, accounting simulation rooms and beautiful library with a lot of books and a reading room, as well as a playground with a 200-meter annular tracks, a table tennis gym and a gymnastic room. Making a beautiful environment in order to form students’ virtue uphold the purposes of the school. Every effort is made to increase environmental construction to make the school a garden-style campus. There are 126 faculty members, of whom 39 have the high level academic title, 42 have the middle level academic title,14 staffs.bMA福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

(Graduates of this year’s or the years before from Junior high schools are admitted. Academic year is three years. Tuition fees are charged strictly in accordance with the provisions of the standard fee-matter.)bMA福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

 bMA福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

 bMA福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

 bMA福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

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