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Campus Recruitment Fair invitation

時間:2010-05-23 15:24:24  來源:  作者:

Fuzhou Commercial Vocational Middle SchoolhXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

Campus Recruitment Fair invitation hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

 hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

 hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
Dear Employers: hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
Hello! hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
       First of all, sincere thanks to your organization over the years for providing our graduates with works! In order to give the employers and our students for a discussion and exchange platform, this year our school will be held on June 18 summer 2010. Graduates will be recruited, (students graduated in 2009 and 2010). Warmly welcome business units to guide the selection of suitable talent, promote corporate culture. Now our school profile and recruitment of specific issues will be informed as follows:
hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

 hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

A) The school will provide:hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

1. This special recruitment will be free. The School is responsible for good planning, organization, publicity, liaison and reception, etc. to ensure that recruitment will be carried out smoothly. hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
2. It will provide two staffs with mineral water, pens, bags and other materials on the day of recruitment.hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
3. Coordinate the employment of graduates when the agreement signning.
hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
(B) Companies provide:hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
1.Keep in touch with our school and keep tracking service, including company profiles, recruitment information and other matters. hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
2.Establish a good corporate image, recruitment will jointly maintain the overall order and ensure the smooth progress of job fairs. hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
3.Provide employment, internship opportunities, ensure that the benefits or wages paid on time. hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
4.Businesses can sponsor the site of job fairs, the school will appear its in the recruitment. hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
Phone Booking: 1.The employer must book the booth on June 10th,2010 at 16:00 with the school.(Reservation Tel :0591-83791926);
hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

2.The employer must send the job demand information to the mailbox: A83791926@126.com so that the school can timely release them in the campus network; 3.the employer must fax a copy of business license to the school Training Office (Fax No. :0591-83791926). hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
(C) Time, location of the fair and contact information:
hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

Date: June 18 at 8:30 am hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
location: elevated level of comprehensive buildinghXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
Contact: Training Office of Fuzhou commerce vocational middle school hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
Miss. Yao, Miss Xie and Miss Jiang hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
E-mail: A83791926@126.com hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
Tel :0591-83791926 hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
Fax :0591-83791926
hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
School Address: Gulou District Xihong Road Fangxia No. 21
hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

Bus: Take No.118,100,91 bus, get off at the Fenghuangchi station, walk 100 meters north.hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學
Notes: Due to shortage of parking lot, do not drive to school.
hXm福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

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