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Amateur radio station BY5QD opening ceremony

時間:2010-09-01 16:03:27  來源:  作者:

 j3j福州商貿職業中專學校 福州第二十二中學

2010.8.25 Fuzhou Commercial Vocational Middle School amateur radio station BY5QD’s opening ceremony hold on 10:00. Mr. Jiang Kundi chief of vocational and adult department of Fuzhou Education Bureau, Mr. Wang Jiangbo chief international exchanges department of Fuzhou foreign affairs office , Qiu Yan, the headmistress and Huang Shurong vice headmaster attended the ceremony. Lin Kai, the school’s chief of international exchanges department was the host. 調整大小 IMG_4499.JPG
The year 2010 is the 30th year of Fuzhou and Nagasaki be friend city, as one of the activities of Fuzhou and Nagasaki exchange, Mr. Kawakami Masanori/JH6KXG and wife/JA6RNJ from Nagasaki Japan also participated the ceremony. And BY5QA Mr. Wang Jiahui from Fuzhou education experiment center, BY5RA Mr.Lin Shaowen from Fuzhou sports committee, BY5RF Mr. Jiang Daotan from Fuzhou science and arts palace and BA5RW Mr. Zhou Wei attended.調整大小 IMG_4501.JPG
On the ceremony, headmistress Qiu Yan and Mr. Kawakami Masanori changed presents. The present from Mr. Kawakami is a ICOM IC-7400 transceiver. It’s the 27th Nagasaki hams deliver amateur radio station to Fuzhou. By amateur radio station contact, shorten the distance from Chinese people, Japanese people and people from other nations; deepen Chinese and Japanese people’s understanding. Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa Taue wrote a letter of greeting to this opening ceremony.
Amateur radio is popular traditional activities in middle schools in Fuzhou. It’s mainly about testing instruments, self training, emergency communication and international contest. In the activities, students can improve oral English, broaden eyesight and exercise listening ability.
On the opening ceremony, guests review nearly 30 years’ amateur radio history, hosts and guests had a good time. After the ceremony, student operators worked with station from Philipines, Australia and Zhejiang province. The guests also looked around the school, and saw the latest built garment, logistic and barber’s training room.
剪出文化 裁出友誼
剪出文化 裁出友誼